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Hiring External Auditor “Recruitment Extension”

The Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity JSSREC is seeking to hire an external auditor for the ENI-CBC project “ BESTMEDGRAPE “ funded by EU-ENI CBC

A) The Auditor obtains an understanding of the terms and conditions of the Grant Contract by reviewing the Grant Contract and its annexes and other relevant information, and by inquiry of the Lead Beneficiary/partner.

B) The Auditor is responsible for performing the agreed-upon procedures described in Annex I with due care and full respect of the Code of Ethics therein indicated.

C) The Auditor shall undertake this engagement in accordance with:

  • The International Standard on Related Services (‘ISRS’) 4400 Engagements to perform Agreed-upon Procedures regarding Financial Information as   promulgated by the IFAC
  • The IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, developed and issued by IFAC’s International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA)


  • The Auditor shall execute the tasks assigned to him in accordance with the procedures and templates annexed to Contract or any update issued by the Managing Authority or the Joint Technical Secretariat.
  • The Auditor shall undertake to adopt technical and organizational measures to address the risks inherent in the processing and in the nature of the concerned personal data and limit access to the data to staff strictly needed to perform, manage and monitor.
  • The Auditor shall submit the Expenditure and Revenue Verification reports to with its annex.
  • In case of identification of suspected and/or established fraud, the Auditor shall submit the Report on suspected and/or established fraud without delay to management authority, This report shall not be submitted to the project partner.
  • Auditor will receive a request for clarification via the project partner, which will be answered in a maximum of 7 calendar days.

 The Expenditure Verification Reports to be produced are the following:

Type of the report Months covered by the report* Deadline for submission
1st Expenditure and Revenue Verification Report 0 – 12 Within 20 days after the submission of the financial report by the partner to the auditor
2nd Expenditure and Revenue Verification Report 13 – 24 Within 20 days after the submission of the financial report by the partner to the auditor
Final Expenditure and Revenue Verification Report 25-30 Within 20 days after the submission of the financial report by the partner to the auditor

* the period could be shorter on the basis of the progress of the expenses

  • Due Date for submitting for the assignment: 04/06/2020, 12:00 pm. 

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