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Hiring Information Technology Officer



The Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity (JSSREC) is implementing a National Biodiversity Network (NBN) project funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Small Grant Programme (SGP).

The project is concerned with collecting, updating, and providing information about biodiversity activities in Jordan in national institutions, local communities, and various entities, which helps in monitoring threats and challenges for biodiversity and opportunities to protect it and the use of its components in Jordan. It also helps, through networking between agencies involved in achieving better management of biodiversity in Jordan as a safety factor for earning a living, preserving the environment, achieving sustainable development goals, and avoiding the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Based on the foregoing, JSSREC invites those who find themselves qualified to carry out the following missions to submit their offers according to the next.


  • Good knowledge of web development (Fort-End and Back-end1)

  • Ability to manage SQL Servers and databases

  • Commitment to frequent updates, maintenance of the website and data additions through the project period

  • Up to date knowledge in technology and software which can be utilized to improve sustainability and security of the project data

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher and a minimum of 3 months experience in similar IT field

  • Fluent in one of the following programming languages that will support project IT works: PHP, JAVA, javascript, Android)

Applications are submitted during the period 15/07/2020 – 25/07/2020

Amman – Jordan

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P.O. Box: 13900 Amman 11942

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