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Potential Entrepreneurs selection Interviews

In the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity (BESTMED Grape Project Partner no.7), 12 potential entrepreneurs have been interviewed by the selection committee on Saturday 9/1/2021, the selection committee was chosen by election.          

The potential entrepreneurs from various interests and have different degrees such as bachelors, masters, and Ph.D.

The committee evaluated the potential entrepreneurs according to a special evaluation form, 4 more sessions to interview the potential entrepreneurs will be held according to the following dates: 17/1/2021, 19/1/2021, 24/1/2021, and 26/1/2021.

BESTMED Grape Orientation Session

JSSREC prepare for the BESTMED orientation session on 3/1/2021 at 6 pm.

Dr. Sabah Saifan will talk briefly about the BESTMED Grape Project, and then Dr. Khaled Khreisat will define and explain the process of the business creation training.

The BESTMED Grape orientation session will provide an excellent opportunity for the potential entrepreneurs to meet the Project Coordinators, trainer,  and each other, ask questions and become acquainted with course logistics.  

Round Table news

First round table of the Bestmedgrape – ENI CBC Med project organized by the Jordan partner  – JSSREC.Flag: Jordan on Apple iOS 13.3
  The event brought together stakeholders from the agriculture, pharmacy, CEOs of leadership, entrepreneurship companies and environment sectors and associated project partners.
  Discussion on topics related to the recovery of grape waste 🍇, operations in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and others 🧪.
  Discussion about entrepreneurship, the potential entrepreneurs, and their opportunity to start their own business.
Also, We distributed a questionnaire to the stakeholders to suggest a selection criteria for the potential entrepreneurs.
  A big thank you to everyone who participated in this event.
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Round Table invitation

🍇🍇   Under the Patronage of His Excellency Prof. Rida Shibli

 The President of “Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity”

Flag: Jordan on Apple iOS 13.3The Jordanian Partner of BESTMEDGRAPE project funded by ENI CBC MED- EU
                    You are cordially invited to attend the
                 “Round table for stakeholders of BESTMEDGRAPE”
                     On Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, from 10 am till 12 pm. 
                     Location: At the JSSRSEC 
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World Environment Day

Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation participates with the world, Jordanian society and its institutions, celebrations of the World Environment Day, which falls on Friday, 6/5 each year.

And it emphasis the importance of preserving and maintaining the environment with all its vital and physical components in achieving the goals of sustainable development.

Dr. Rida Shibli

Association President