OWSD Activities

The OWSD Jordan National Chapter members were engaged in the following activities:

  •  Prof Rana Dajani was appointed as a president of the Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Arab world (SASTA).
  • Prof Rana Dajani was invited to speak at the Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020.
  • Dr Sokyna Alqatawneh has attended the World Forum for Women in Science – Brazil 2020 | 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders.
  • Dr Kawkab Shishani has been awarded a U.S. Scholar Award, visiting professor at School of Public Health Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan ( Feb- June 2020).
  • Dr Kawkab Shishani was appointed as a member of Travel Awards Committee, The International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.
  • Dr Kawkab Shishani along with other Scientist was granted a fund from FILHA, Finland (2020-2023) to conduct a project, entitled “Assessment of tobacco use among youth in Uzbekistan”. 
  • Prof Nihad Almasri was appointed by the WHO and WCPT as a consultant on projects that promote physical therapy and rehabilitation in the LMIC.
  • Prof Sana Bardaweel was awarded The Samia Mango Award for Distinguished Female Professors in Jordan.
  • Prof Sana Bardaweel received funding from The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) to support her work in Scientific and Applied Research this year.
  • Prof Rana Dajani, Prof Nancy Hakooz, Dr Fadwa Alhaliqa and Dr Sokyna Alqatawneh along with other researchers have submitted a full paper entitled “Three Circles of Alemat: Growth and Sustainability through Mentoring” to the 1st International Conference: Women in Academia 2020 which will be held in Amman-Jordan this year. This paper is related to their experience in the “Three Circles of Alemat” project.

Future Activities: 

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Jordanian government has put the country under a full lockdown. All Jordanian organizations, universities and schools are strictly following the instructions and procedures recommended by our authorities. Therefore, many activities will be suspended until further notice. However, we have planned the following social activities to be conducted in the near future:

  • Discuss our national chapter future plan with its members as soon as we can either virtually or in our office at JSSREC.
  • Seminar tours to Jordanian universities to introduce our national chapter and promote our message towards women empowerment.
  • Workshops in different topics where our national chapter members will provide interactive workshops in different fields.
  • Orientation for girls in high schools to encourage them to go for STEM fields.
  • Cooperate with many Jordanian youth platforms (such as Zain innovation, Ideas factory, Gaming lab, …etc.) in organizing and contribution to expand their activities according to our society needs.