ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage (iHERITAGE)

iHERITAGE will create an innovation-driven growth process involving a wide range of stakeholders from 6 Mediterranean countries through an integrated approach which will promote cross-border technological transfer, Living Labs, industry-academia collaboration, creation of spin-offs and new products using the latest ICT technologies (AR/VR/MR), for the enhancement of the level of interpretation of Mediterranean UNESCO cultural heritage and maximization of the commercialization of research results. Socio-economic challenges addressed at the cross-border level are mostly related to economic trends, unemployment, and business development and innovation. With this regard, iHERITAGE will: foster active involvement of young people, females, and NEETs who will take part in LSG, Living Labs, training courses, creation of spin-offs, contributing to renovated employment opportunities; support collaborations among universities and SMEs devoted to the creation of AR/VR/MR innovative products; support SMEs, startups, and spin-offs through relevant cross border commercialization facilities; offer training services which will positively contribute to skill mismatches between qualifications and labor requirements.