Tender for the delivery of equipment software for ICT and digital holography


Tender for the Delivery of Equipment Software for ICT and Digital Holography

The Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity (JSSREC) aims at purchasing the items listed below and under the following conditions:

  • Offer must be valid for at least two months of your date of submission

  • Delivery must be within two weeks to a month after placement of order

  • Payment in full will be made upon delivery and testing of goods at the premises of the Society

List of items:

  • High end Gaming PC suitable for heavy 3D scene and 3D video production and manipulation based on structure from motion applications. Speed, stable and uninterrupted operation of long calculations and display is of the essence. The following features and items could be indicative but better performance and better value for money suggestions will be acceptable. All items must match each other and together give the best possible performance. It is also advisable to give several options for each item with comparison charts for their performance so we can match our choices to the budget allocations.

  1. Motherboard advanced similar or better than ASUS ROG Maximus (indicate a comparison for your offer and this option i9core 3.6 GHZ or better and can take 128 GB or 256 GB RAM with the best and latest DDR 4. DDR5 or DDR6 possible. Water cooling is not acceptable

  2. Processor icore 9 or up to 12 cores as available to match the mother board . See AMD-Ryzen-3900XT-24-Threads-Processor as an example your offer (or offers) could be different.

  3. Latest and several of PCI expansion slots

  4. At least three USB sockets on front of chassis and six slots behind

  5. Fast Network 1x10GB Marvell Ethernet (or similar) 1x intel Ethernet, Plus built-in Intel WIFI.

  6. Ultra-fast graphics card maybe NVIDIA 2080 or 3080 (careful power supply connectors must match this). Cards with similar performance could be acceptable but NVIDIA has the advantage of connecting to Oculus units and other looking glass headsets easily. If software is needed to run these display glasses please indicate free windows-compatible software to be used and better commit to supply it. Card must have several output options to fit various monitors and display equipment easily. It is necessary to have graphics acceleration if possible. Note that the 3080 offer should be guaranteed to be stable and not break off suddenly as this problem has occurred in some cards using this technology. You may quote for several options here.

  7. 1Tb solid state internal hard disk

  8. 4Tb solid state external hard disk

  9. Audio card stereo and matching speakers.

  10. Windows 10 64 bit operating system with latest office.

  11. 4K or better 5K monitor curved for better 3D performance. Size should be 27 or 28 inches at least 3810/2160 resolution preferably higher (option please),

  12. Keyboard

  13. If you think we need other improvements please offer them as options.

  • Holographic display table 360 degrees complete with software that can handle the load of displaying 3D holographic presentations. Software can perform the following operations

  1. Control table remotely,

  2. Load save and create applications

  3. Import models into a scene

  4. Add sound effects/ music

  5. Resize, re-colour, duplicate and delete models

  6. Move, zoom, pan and wand to explore the scene.

  7. Software must be able to import various 3D model file formats such as .OBJ and .PLY (at least .OBJ) and several other possible formats.

  8. 15” Fast laptop 64 GB Ram and high end fast graphics card 1TB hard disk and 1 of 2TB solid state external disk. For running holographic exhibitions

  • Looking glass number total 6 Small for connection to PC or tablet (supply tablets) 3D model and animations in OBJ, FBX, STL and LTF and maybe other formats  can be imported into the Looking Glass with a couple clicks using a  Model and Animation Importer App.

  • 6 of Front projection Transparent LED Displays 1000mm times 500m good pixel pitch (around 2mm) Power 100/240 High resolution. For indoor use with good brightness and wide viewing angle. Complete self-contained solution

  • Holographic Helix complete system with everything necessary to do holographic presentations 6 in number

  • Holographic boxes complete solution. A good example is the Looking glass pro but other options of quality are acceptable

  • Oculus 6 in number must have software for display applications to work with windows 10

  • Hololens system 

1- The association has the right to apologize for the bid without stating the reasons, or at any stage before signing the contract.
2- The last date for receiving questions is 12/10/2020.
3- The last date for receiving the quotations is 27/11/2020.